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Safe Sanctuary Certified

The Safe Sanctuaries program is a process developed to train and certify persons as safe workers with children and youth at Muncy First United Methodist Church. The policies were adopted in 1999, in response to God's call to welcome all children and to protect them from the devastating effects of child abuse.

Muncy First United Methodist Church affirm that all children, youth and vulnerable adults have the right to safe sanctuary. Therefore, Muncy First United Methodist Church is determined to provide an environment in which these persons are safe from neglect or abuse. The provision of safe sanctuary applies to all staff and volunteers, clergy or lay, who have direct or indirect contact with children or youth in conference and/or district sponsored events. The Safe Sanctuaries Certification Authority along with the Muncy First United Methodist Church is responsible for the Safe Sanctuaries policy and procedures. Each conference and/or district ministry involving children, youth, or vulnerable adults follows these policy and procedures.

Safe Sanctuaries
For more information on Safe Sanctuaries,
please contact the church office.