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LENT - (6 week) SMALL GROUP STUDY Beginning the week of February 18, 2018 

RESTORED - Finding Redemption in our Mess

This Lent, Look at Your Mess Through the Eyes of Christ.                                            

We’ve all found ourselves repeating the same unhappy patterns over and over and wondering if change is even possible. When we ignore the wisdom we need, which the Bible provides, there’s brokenness, dysfunction and pain(for ourselves & those we love).And when we are out of sync with God, sin happens. But, when we look at the mess through the eyes of Christ, we find redemption and can clearly see spiritual restoration.  When we focus on the cross of Christ as a place to surrender control and allow God to lead us out of our struggles into a new life, we can be fully transformed, living our lives as Jesus would if he were us. This is God’s goal for us--to be the person he created us to be and to have joy! 

Together we can find the abundant life Christ offers—growing deeper, reaching wider. Invite a friend!

Available in the Welcome Center on Sundays; church office on weekdays.


Here are the days, locations and leaders:

Day of Week Start Date Time Location Leader
Sunday February 18 9:30 am Lounge Greg Bell
Sunday February 18 6:30 pm Lounge Paige Kepner
Monday February 19 6:30 pm Mothersbaugh Home John Smay
Tuesday February 20 10:00 am Fellowship Hall Pastor Arlene/Gary Allshouse
Tuesday February 20 1:00 pm Mothersbaugh Home Sally Gardy