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Journey Notes for June 2019


“Bless This Journey”
We stand at the threshold and look behind us
At all that we have done,
At all that we have loved,
At all that is familiar,
And our hearts are full of grief,
With sadness,
With gratitude.
We stand at the threshold and look before us
At the future we can and cannot see,
At the beginnings we can and cannot imagine,
At the possibilities we can and cannot know,
And our hearts fill with fear,
With trust,
With hope.
Bless our grief and our gratitude,
Our sadness and our trust,
Our fear and our hope.
Bless this journey,
God of past and future.
Guide our steps,
Walking beside us,
Before us, within us
As we step across this threshold.
By Beth A. Richardson


Friends on the journey,

We stand at the threshold, at a time of transition and a time of change. During the month we will mark and honor this sacred time.

At 8:15 and 10:45 on June 2 (no 9:30 service that morning) we will honor our graduates. It is a threshold time for them as they complete high school or college and move on to the next chapter of their lives.

On June 9 we will gather at 10:30 (just one service that morning) as we celebrate the music ministry that is such an integral and inspiring piece of our worship. That day we will also celebrate a baptism—a celebration of new life in Jesus Christ. It is also a day to celebrate the ministry that we have shared together the last seven years.

At 9:00 and 10:30 on June 16 I will share God’s word with you one more time before moving and beginning my retirement. It will be a bittersweet morning, for this has been a place of affirmation, love and support. I will miss you all, and you will continue in my prayers and in my heart.

On July 1 Pastor Rick Robinson will cross the threshold of ministry with you. I pray that you will show him the same spirit of welcome and acceptance that you offered me when I was in that position.

Continued blessings on your journey,

Pastor Arlene