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The Memorial Garden

The First United Methodist Church of Muncy follows in the great tradition of Christians to minister to each other from birth to death. Therefore, it is fitting that a portion of the church grounds be dedicated as a memorial site with a columbarium, a memorial wall, a scattering garden and a place for meditation and prayer. The memorial garden consists of three sides, representing the Trinity, and the fountain representing Christ as the Living Water.

Memorial Garden Memorial Garden


The columbarium consists of 72 niches, each with the capacity to receive two urns. The urn is 7” x 5.5” x 5.5” and is made of bronze. The granite face of each niche will be engraved with each individual’s name and dates of birth and death. Sufficient space on the granite facing accommodates names and dates for two individuals. When the Memorial Garden Board approves a reservation application, selection of space is then made. At this time you will receive a certificate acknowledging niche purchase and location.

Wall Inscriptions

Located inside the memorial garden is the polished granite Memorial Wall upon which names of memorialized loved ones are placed. Those interred in the scattering garden will have a place on the Memorial Wall upon request. Memorial Wall inscriptions include the name and year of birth and death.


Single: $1800.00
Double: $2500.00

Memorial Wall:
Inscription: $400.00
Scattering: Garden $100.00