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Journey Notes for October

 For we are what God has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works. Ephesians 2:10a

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

During the month of October we will have a church-wide focus based on the book “God’s Chisel: Becoming God’s Masterpiece,” by Eddie James and Tommy Woodard (The Skit Guys). There will be small groups studying this book and reflecting on how God is working in our lives to continue that process of creation. Also, I will be preaching on several of the themes in this book. (Read more on page 1.)

On October 8 we will discover what tools God uses in shaping us. October 15 will be Laity Sun-day, and all five of our lay servants will share in leading the worship services. On October 22 the sermon will be shaped on the refinement that God employs as he continues to create the masterpiece of you. On October 29 (Reformation Sunday--see page 6) we will explore the road less traveled—how not to dwell in the past and live in the present. Looking ahead to the first Sunday of November when we remember the saints who have left us in the past year, we will celebrate who we are as God’s creation and offer thanks.

It is so easy in the busyness of life to forget that God is still working on us and in us. God is not finished with us, and the questions we need to ask ourselves are: How are we working with God in this process? How open are we to change, to fine tuning or refinement? Do we think that there is nothing more to give or to grow? Do we sometimes even think that God has stopped shaping us or that God has given up on us? If we are going to grow deeper in our faith and reach wider in our mission, we have to see God as still at work in our lives, shaping and encouraging us to be the master-piece he intends. God doesn’t give up, but too often we do, hampering our growth and limiting our commitment. As God continues to shape us, what needs to be chiseled away to get to the beauty and essence of the divine creation that is you? What needs to be removed so that we have the strength to carry on?

I know that there is always a reluctance to look that closely at your life, especially your spiritual life, but every once in a while we all need a checkup so that we can remain healthy or be brought back to greater health and wholeness. Until we know ourselves better and know ourselves as God’s beloved creations, it will be difficult to share with others the amazing love and grace of God that we have received. You can’t tell your story until you know what your story is.

Consider October your “spiritual wellness month,” and join us in this congregational checkup.

On the journey with you,
Pastor Arlene