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Simple Church—an opportunity to further God’s Kingdom

There will be a congregation-wide study during the month of January based on the book “Simple Church.”  It will run four weeks, beginning the week of January 8, with multiple options of day and meeting times. The study and sermons will be aligned during that time: January 8–Clarity, January 15–Alignment, January 22–Movement, January 29–Focus.

Simple Church
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Weekly Study Materials:

Weekly Video Library

Week 1:
Participant Guide - Clarity
Reserving Space
Begin a Ministry

Week 2:
Participant Guide - Alignment

Week 3:
Participant Guide - Movement

Week 4:
Participant Guide - Focus


The study has been adapted to address the challenges and specifics of our church. It is our next faithful step as a congregation, and the involvement of everyone is imperative to our success. Each weekly session will last for approximately one hour and will allow us to focus on one specific topic related to First United Methodist Church, Muncy. There is no book to read and no homework.

Group leaders need no training, simply access to a DVD player and a willingness to facilitate dialogue.

Simple Church group options (more to come): sign up in the Welcome Center or through the church office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 570-546-8030)

         9:30 – Becky Shaner – Celebration Center Room 208  
         6:00 – Kevin Myers – CC208
         6:30 – Betsy Mothersbaugh – at their home, Muncy  
         7:00 – Linda Miller – lounge  
         7:00 – Nancy Grove – Room 201
       10:00 a.m. – Joyce McCarty – lounge
         7:00 – Sue Kainz – lounge
         7:00 with Kevin Myers in CC207 
         7:00 – John Smay – lounge
         7:00 – Marty McCabe – Fellowship Hall   
         7:00 – Amy Myers – Welcome Center Saturdays   
         9 a.m.– Heather Koser / Steph Mostowy  – CC207      

**  If you cannot make your regular group on a certain day, feel free to join another group rather than miss a session.